Let’s play

The weather is going to allow Game 4 to be played. These guys want to play and they want to get this over with as soon as they can. You don’t ever want to prolong things.

The people that can succeed are the people that are the strongest mentally, that can put this out of their minds and handle the situation, and I think that gives a great advantage to Tony La Russa because he has been doing that for years and years.

Mental toughness is a great part of his managerial ability and he teaches his teams right from Day 1 going into Spring Training. He talks about every game being the seventh game of the World Series, that’s how you should handle it. He is tremendously prepared for that kind of action.

John Rodriguez and Aaron Miles talked about how they play cards, take a lot of batting practice or watch video before a game or delay. When I played, most guys played different card games. Some guys played bridge. Some also played hearts, too. The hearts got a little out of control, so I usually went to the bridge part of it, because the hearts was cutthroat.

They played rummy and played gin, too. The poor souls who were really, really into it, they were playing solitaire. I was in the clubhouse before the game today and I saw a player playing solitaire. I asked him who was watching who and he said he was watching himself, and I said, "Which partner watches you, the first name or the last name?"

There is a lot of other things guys would do. Some guys would listen to music or take a nap. You have to have to get some way to get rid of that nervous energy.

FanCold weather doesn’t favor the pitchers or the hitters. It favors that baseball. It favors the guy that is mentally tough. If you think it is sunny and 75 degrees and it’s Florida and the wind is blowing out, it’s going to favor you. If you think it’s cold and you are going to let the weather bother you, then you are going to have a tough time.

When you are playing out there, it could be a snowstorm and those guys, with the adrenaline running, the heat generated with 50,000 people coming down on you, the players don’t really notice it. The fans, sitting up there in the stands, are the ones freezing with the rain and the wind. The only time the players notice it is when there is a pitching change. When there is a pitching change, all of a sudden, they have to stop and slow down, and then they get cold, their feet gets cold and their hands get cold.


  1. jctom3@aol.com

    I am a Cardinal fan from back in day with Bob Gibson and company and i have to say that i am proud of this team.All the so-call experts didn’t give the Cardinal a chance. You can’t measure heart and desire and that is what this team has.It might not be the most talented team in Cardinal history,but they are right up there in determination to win a World Series.

  2. clarkc@missouri.edu

    Calling the game for my two daughters last night, I found myself calling strikes ‘right down central’ and asking Eckstein’s hits to ‘get up, baby, get up’…

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