Great job by Carpenter

CarpChris Carpenter threw a great performance last night. It’s hard to compare him to Bob Gibson, because you can’t compare two players of different eras.

The best performance I have seen in postseason play, though, was Jeff Suppan in New York in Game 7 of the National League Championship Series. There is no doubt, though, that Carpenter dominated here in the ballgame yesterday.

He is a Cy Young Award winner. He was in Cy Young Award shape and that is what you got from him. When he gets that breaking ball over like he did, he is dominant, and when he sinks the fastball, that’s what you get when you get Chris Carpenter. He is a dynamite Cy Young Award winner pitcher.

There is no difference from being up 2-1 or being down 1-2 in the World Series. You are just trying to win baseball games. I don’t really remember anything from Game 4 of the 1968 Series against the Tigers. When I look back at that series, I just remember if we won them or if they lost them.

For Game 4 tonight, Jeff Suppan has confidence right now. He is pitching well and is pitching as well as he ever has. He is a very experienced guy. He has been around for a long time. He knows his capabilities. He is at peace with himself, and when he is pitching like he is, he is very confident. He’s facing Jeremy Bonderman. For a starting pitching matchup, I look at who is pitching well and how they have been pitching.

What you have to look at is what happens in the first couple of innings and see how they are getting along. A lot of guys come out and are unbelievable in the bullpen, and then they come in and all heck breaks loose. Sometimes it is just the opposite: They are all messed up in the bullpen and then they come in everything flows.

Offenses usually have to get to good pitchers early, because once they establish themselves, then they settle down. That’s what makes them good pitchers.

It’s raining in St. Louis, but I played in a game when it was sleeting and the ball would just pick up sleet and snow when it rolled along. You could almost make a snowball and roll it up to make a snowman.

This game has been played in almost every condition that you can find. We have a fantastic baseball field that drains unbelievably well, and whoever is mentally toughest tonight is going to be the one that succeeds, whether it’s an individual or a team.



    Let’s just hope and pray that Supp can recreate his form from Game 7 of the NLCS. It would be great to win it in St Louis (weather permitting) and not have to go back to Detroit.

    GO CARDS!!!

    Marg H

    Sydney, Australia

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